Orange Pitch

About Orange Pitch

The contestants who come to pitch to OP (“Orange Pitch”) must try to convince the Producers to approve their stories and take to the production under Filmental Studio. All of the good, bad, emotional and even absurd pitches help showcase the “I wish I had thought of that” stories.

The Producers have a goal, too – to find the story that will get a return on their time/finance investment and own a piece of the next big hit in the film market. When the OP Producers hear a pitch worth sinking their teeth into, they’re more than ready to step up and fight each other for a piece of it.

Have a Script ready, Synopsis or just a Concept of the story?
Fill out the Application Form and pitch to OP Producers.

Orange Pitch Show

  • Once A Month (second weekend)
  • 20 Pitches Per Episode
  • 3-4 Producers Review The Pitch
  • The Pitch (to move to production) needs at least “2 YES” from The Producers

The Format of the Pitch:

  • The Pitch Duration: 10 to 20 min
  • 10 Min Pitch, 5-10 min Producers Questions
  • Any Film Genre
  • The Film Length (in your story) 1-5 min
  • The Film Characters (in your story) 1-4 Actors
  • Set Locations (in your story) 1-3

OP Producers & Filmental Studio Provide:

  • Full Crew (Director, 1st AD, DP, Cinematographer, Sound, Editor and so on.)
  • Cast (Contestant might be part of the casting)
  • Set Locations (with insurance)
  • Catering for the Crew & Cast
  • Festivals Submission (optional / depends on the story)
  • Distribution (optional / depends on the story)

The next “Orange Pitch” show will be filmed on January 14, 2019. Full Info: RSVP